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New Coastal Elite track "I Can See The Water" ft. Moody Beach & Carl Fox OUT NOW

"Glowing funky stuff with a romantic electricity. '80s purists need to get around this."

Dave Ruby Howe (Triple J Unearthed)

ICSTW is the new release for Sydney’s shorebreaking collective Coastal Elite. Following on from last year’s gorgeous indie -pop delight “Runaway,” the Elite once again collaborate with indie pop goddess Moody Beach and ex-Porsches frontman Carl Fox.

Fusing melancholic indie pop vibes with cascading chorused guitars and Beach Boy’s-eque layers of backing vocals, Michael di Francesco’s (Touch Sensitive) bass fluidly weaves and pops to underpin it’s disco foundation.

Musing on a lost love, the two protaganists wistfully reminisce and update each other from separate viewpoints in asynchronous songtalk. Lost love never sounded quite so good.

If bottled sunshine meets indie melancholy meets harbourfront disco is a thing….well it’s I Can See The Water by Coastal Elite. Lay back and let it wash over you.

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