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Coastal Elite

Sydney-based recording and live music collective exploring seasick funk, maritime disco, aqua boogie and yachty style.​

The 3 part release Music For Marinas is replete with track after track​ of wonky soulful boogie yachty funk, featuring diverse contributions from assorted members of the Personal Best family, including Carl Fox, Moody Beach, Australian Athlete, Josh Beagley (Swoop), Laura Brooker (Uncle Jed), Michael Di Francesco (Touch Sensitive), Rosario Ferraro (The Goods), Andrew Bruce, Vincent Sebastian, Rich Sanford, Terepai Richmond, Paul Gray (Wa Wa Nee), Kat Kartell, Pretty Mess, Professor Groove, Holiday Sidewinder and many more.

"Coastal Elite coming together like the 08-09 Lakers but the only thing they are sinking is martinis with this pristine poolside funk."


-Dave Ruby Howe (Triple J Unearthed)

"Glowing funky stuff with a romantic electricity. '80s purists need to get around this."


-Dave Ruby Howe (Triple J Unearthed)

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