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Holiday Sidewinder

Holiday Sidewinder is an Australian-born indie pop singer-songwriter, musician and record producer, and one of the world's greatest modern female pop artists. Her 2019 album Forever or Whatever is filled with classic singles, from opening track Leo through to Casino, Tra$h Can Love, Whispers and Baby Oil. 


She was the founding mainstay lead singer of Bridezilla, which released an album, The First Dance, and toured Australia in support of local and international artists. 

"Holiday is the perfect Popstar. She sings bittersweet songs with just the right combination of sheen and heartache. Live she has an amazing array of otherworldly stage outfits and dance moves to set the whole thing off…. we love Holiday Sidewinder in our house."

- Sophie Ellis-Bextor

“A blinding force to be reckoned with”

-Purple Sneakers

"Global pop sensation."

-Paper Mag

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