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Tear Council

Tear Council is a project headed by Matt Van Schie. The idea of Tear Council was born in 2009 when Matt teamed up with Michael Di Francesco to write 'Journey', a feature song from his Balmy Nights EP. Ever since then Matt has felt a yearning to release more emotional outpourings. Now under the guise of Tear Council, the Journey must continue.

Their debut single Anywhere was released in 2015, followed by the single My Car. After those releases, they decide to take a break but Tear Council is planning a comeback with new music in 2021.



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“Two of Australia's most revered musical minds are back in our lives with an exciting new collaboration.”


- Vice

“Anywhere’ coasts along through steady arrangements of smooth, synth,, lo-fi groves while Matt Van Schie’s all too distinctive voice holds you in a warm nostalgic embrace.”

- Acid Stag

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