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Confection's new release "Undercover Lover" featuring Throwbakk OUT NOW!

"Confection are next level when it comes to 80s tinged squelchy electro funk and new tune 'Undercover Lover' drips with added yacht-disco coolness - achieving style AND substance”.- Teases and Dares

How do you like your funk? A fat DMX Beat, skittering Moog bass, lush melodic synths topped with a vocal and lyric so classic it reminds you of tracks from the golden era of Jam & Lewis, LA & Babyface and Kashif?

If so, look no further.

Confection are back, following up their comeback single, the stone-cold modern funk classic “It’s So Long (Since We’ve Touched),” with the next instalment from their forthcoming album, Undercover Lover.

A collaboration – started some time ago – with the red-hot modern funk producer Sebastian “Throwbakk” Lopez, who sent the Confection duo Beagley and Tippins the basic track several years ago, Undercover Lover is the kind of jam that makes you feel warm and gooey inside with its classic fundamental boogielicious funk.

Eschewing the question of modernity, of nostalgic feels, of the undulating tentacles of the past informing and entangling new music, Undercover Lover is just a thoroughly modern record. It’s 2021 Boogie.

Juanita Tippins sings like she wants, she NEEDS to meet you in a private room…. Beagley’s beats, synths and guitars are insistent, simple, seductive, persuasive.

With an Extended Street Mix by Andy E and a Hober Mallow Dubstramental and an OG mix from Throwbakk coming soon.

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