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Coastal Elite Releases 'Music For Marinas, Pt. 1 (of 3)'

Imagine if you will the languorous dreamy pulse of a mid-afternoon cruise on Sydney Harbour. The heat, the breeze, the salt and the unsteady ocean groove.Think of the sense of freedom, the alluring glimpses of pecan-brown skin and and a distant horizon. Think that for a minute, for an hour, for an afternoon, that the stresses of modern life might recede…. Coastal Elite is here for you. Music For Marinas, Pt.1 (of 3) Out now, listen here: Spotify Apple Music 5 Tracks of wonky soulful boogie yachty funk, featuring diverse contributions from assorted members of the Personal Best family, including Carl Fox, Australian Athlete, Physique, Josh Beagley (Swoop), Laura Stitt (Uncle Jed), Michael Di Francesco (Touch Sensitive), Rosario Ferraro (The Goods), Andrew Bruce, Vincent Sebastian, Rich Sanford, Terepai Richmond, Moody Beach......but also coming up on Parts II and III, tracks with Holiday Sidewinder, Paul Gray (Wa Wa Nee), Kat Kartell, Pretty Mess, Professor Groove and many more. Follow the Elite on Instagram

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