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Coastal Elite Releases first track of Music For Marinas Pt.02 "Headline News" feat. Professor Groove

Their new track, Headline News, the first sacrificial lamb - dare we say first racing stallion out of the blocks - from the impending Music For Marinas: Pt. II release, is undeniably smooooth, and officially released Friday November 8. Out now, listen here: Spotify Apple Music It's a cover of an incredibly obscure track by a nicely bearded soul singer called William Bell, that was on a dance compilation obsessed over by Beagley and Kapferer when they were funk children growing up in the badlands of Adelaide. The Coastal Elite band on this track is Terepai Richmond (drums & perc), Michael Di Francesco (Bass), Richard Sanford (main keys and mix), Chloe West aka Pretty Mess (BV's), Jonathon "JC" Corea (saxophone), Josh Beagley (guitar - actually it got deleted in the mix, so kinda no credit there, but he did do the Production, programming and some additional keys and percussion), and Harry Sutherland aka Australian Athlete and Sergio kinda gently duelling with some wailing synths.

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