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Casino by Holiday Sidewinder Released Today

Sickly sweet like rum and Coca Cola, and just as deadly. Such is the surprising reinvention of former-Bridezilla vocalist Holiday Sidewinder, who unveils her bold new disco-diva sound with “Casino”, the first preview from her forthcoming debut EP.

A world away from her first solo flirt — 2014′s spacey “Carousel” — “Casino” is a cocky, glossy blur of pure hedonistic glam. Recalling Annie’s no-nonsense disco-pop directness, Sidewinder serves her life-is-a-gamble metaphors (“lay your cards down on the table”) with snarling, bubblegum-chewin’ slants and tongue-cheeked winks, amidst equally uncluttered imagery from the Las Vegas strip — neon-soaked scenes of seductive across-the-room “Bambi-eyed” glances and kiss-stealing tempts. Fleeting temporariness that’s suitably partnered with playful, throwaway wordplay (“tuxedo, libido”) and all the appropriate attitude of a song of such silky disposition.

For the accompanying clip, Sidewinder goes to the source, selfie-shooting the clip in Vegas on a whim after her originally scheduled location for the video was demolished a day before filming started. While the majority of the video is hosted within her hotel room at The Flamingo, interspersed sped-up scenes of the faux-glamour and locale’s never-sleep nature suitably compliment the song’s frantic synths. (ROLLING STONE)

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