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The Goods release self-titled double EP

The spaced out, funk/R&B duo have now released their debut self-titled double EP. The release is a collection of work from both producers in the duo. Set as a Part A and Part B type album, The Goods split their creations to display their individual talents and tastes, whilst also creating a collaborative work. Named as Australia's answer to Kaytranada by Howl and Echoes, The Goods have received quite an array of reviews from their latest release. "It's a journey of a thing, and a hugely ambitious first release from the two producers" - Thump "The Goods takes the listener to a (literally) different world, yet remains a clean, coherent and linear record" - Happy "The acid-flow vocals could be compared to Janelle Monáe, but with the voice of Reggie Watts, while the melting production sounds contain traces of Toro Y Moi. The skit tracks provide a dynamic, that allow the key singles ‘Only One‘ and ‘Nightlife‘ to really standout" - Ripe

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